Emission level history

1993 - Euro I

Euro I - New generation of engine with unit injectors and four valves per cylinder.

1996 - Euro II

Euro II - Improved engine control unit, turbo and combustion.

2001 - Euro III

Euro III - Additional improvements to combustion and turbo, also introducing injectors with five hole nozzle.

2006 - Euro IV

Euro IV - Introduced SCR exhaust after treatment system, NOx sensor and On-Board Diagnostics, as well as a new generation of unit injectors with increased pressure.

2009 - Euro V

Euro V - Further improvements of combustion and gas exchange. Improvements to the SCR system.

2013 - Euro EEV

Euro EEV - The next major emission step is Euro VI in 2013 and it will cut particulates by 50% and NOx by 80% compared with Euro V.