Environmental footprint calculator

Our environmental footprint calculator looks at the entire lifecycle of your truck, not just usage. Because in the end it's the total footprint that we leave behind that counts.

The basis for calculations

This is a comprehensive calculator, which gives you an approximation of the actual footprint of your truck. The database behind these calculations is large and complex, based on extensive research and testing of trucks. Lifecycle assessments (LCA) have been carried out and form the basis for the calculations. They include material production from the extraction of the raw materials to the manufacturing of the parts used both in our suppliers' plants and in our own production plants in Europe.

Maintenance is also included as material recycling, transports between plants, production of fuel and the tailpipe emissions. In the scrapping phase, credit is given for avoiding production of new metal for the next product.


The production calculations include the entire production, e.g. extraction of raw materials etc.

Calculations include:

  • Production of materials and parts
  • Transport of materials and parts
  • Assembly and production of truck


This section covers the environmental impact of the service life of a truck, including production of fuel.

Calculations include:

  • Production of fuels and urea
  • Fuel consumption and emissions
  • Service and spare parts

End of life

Approximately 85-90% of a Volvo truck is recycled and one-third of a new truck comes from recycled material.

Calculations include:

  • Credit for material that is recycled for use in another product
  • Emissions of recycling, destruction etc.
  • Waste