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Environmental footprint calculator

Our Environmental Footprint Calculator shows Volvo Trucks’ capabilities as accurately as possible, however, certain models, fuels etc. are not available on some markets.

Also, the calculator looks at the entire lifecycle of your truck, not just usage. In the end it's the total footprint that we leave behind that counts.

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The production calculations include the entire production, even extraction of raw materials etc.


This section covers the environmental impact of the service life of a truck, including production of fuel.

End of life

Approximately 85-90% of a Volvo truck is recycled and one-third of a new truck comes from recycled material.

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Environmental footprint


Your truck: Volvo FM Classic

Carbon (CO2 eq.) 0 kg

  • 0 % Production
  • 0 % Usage
  • 0 % End of life

Water (H2O) 0 m3

  • 0 % Production
  • 0 % Usage
  • 0 % End of life

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Emission level

Emission level

These emission standards regulate the exhaust emissions of new vehicles in Europe. Every year we reduce fuel consumption in our trucks by 1%. The next major step is Euro VI in 2013, cutting particulates by 50% and NOx by 80% compared with Euro V.



Selecting the right engine greatly influences your truck's environmental footprint.

Fuel type

Fuel type

In these calculations we include the footprint caused during the production of the fuels, not only the emissions from usage.

Cert fuel = standard diesel
B5 = 5% biodiesel
LBG = Liquefied Bio Gas
LNG = Liquefied Natural Gas

Number of trucks

0 50

Number of trucks

Pull the slider to select the number of trucks of this type that you have in your fleet.

Your usage

Current distance (km)

0 1.000.000

Lifetime distance (km)

0 1.000.000

Fuel consumption (l/100 km)

0 100

Current distance

Select your truck's current distance or a distance you wish to use in the calculation.

Lifetime distance

Enter an estimated value of the total distance which the truck will cover during its complete life cycle.

Average value for distribution & construction: approx. 300000 km.
Average value for long haul: approx. 1000000

Fuel consumption

Enter your approximate fuel consumption per 100 km. Fuel consumption can be lowered with our intelligent gear-changing system, I-Shift.

Average value
- for distribution: 20-30 litre/100 km
- for regional haul: 25-40 litre/100 km
- for tractor and semi-trailer long haul: 21-35 litre/100 km
- for tractor and trailer long haul: 27-53 litre/100 km
- for a hybrid 15-20% lower fuel consumption in distribution
- for a MethaneDiesel: 26-42 litre/100km (gas and diesel as diesel equivalents)

Note – fuel consumption depends on many factors and it is always better to use own figures instead of the suggested average figures.

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